More to come...Hahahaha...

Lizard Graphics Website Image Freelance project for a client. Coming Soon.

Algarve Haven Website Image Freelance project for a client. Advertises their Villa in the Algarve. NOT Firefox friendly. Made back in the day. On to do list.

AlzcoV2 Website Image This sites previous incarnation. Kinda broken looking now it's been moved around but still highly functional. Also on to do list.

LesStress Website Image This website made for my University project by me and 4 other colleagues. My main focus was thinktank and Design/Graphics. Internet Explorer only. Was back in the days before Firefox.

College Project Website Image This was a site I constructed for a local optician while at college. Constructed in HTML and ASP. My first real site from back in the day. Update: Seems to have vanished. Um. On to do list.